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Whats your opinion on censorship? To be more specific, would you rather have a silenced biased/racist/misogynist majority of people or a very vocal biased/racist/misogynist minority of people?



The framework of your question is a fundamentally flawed view of relationship between oppressed and oppressor.  

It is not simply about preventing people with harmful views from ~expressing them~ through censorship. These views expressed or kept hidden actively harm us because the people who hold them wield structural power. Preventing them from being vocalized will not stop that.

No one is advocating we censor bigotry. We are advocating for it’s destruction. The systems that cause these ‘opinions’, the people who hold them and the way they are used against marginalized people.

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Just from when I stopped posting until this upcoming weekend.

School started back up and I’ve got research work and I just moved into a new place and I don’t have time right now for posting, but I’ll be back. Promize

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My friend just posted this: "If I wanted to read the Miles Morales Spider-Man comics, where would I start? What is it called?" And I told her I'd find out, can you help us out?



ellewroboblog It’s called Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man and you can find trades for it on Amazon or on Comixology. Where to start? The very beginning! It’s all good. I promise your friend won’t be disappointed.

Happy reading!



Thanks JR!

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Lotsa notes

I hate it when a post of mine blows up but nobody likes the rest of my blog. :(

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by hitforsa
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Viktor Vasnetsov, Ivan Tsarevich riding the Gray Wolf (detail), 1889.
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opera pink
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Crozant, the Bouchardon Mill - Armand Guillaumin - circa 1906
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Harley Quinn SDCC piece for Mondo
by Matt Taylor

Anxiety troubles



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Tru tru cruddubbles
Fuck this feel ubble like fubble nothing fucking working wobble weeble wibble will sounding fubble bubble fucking nonsense subbles out lubble distractabble my terribubble sad crying axietrubbles?

For a wibble wobble while.

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